Ennio Morricone’s “Scuola di ballo al sole”, composed for Piero Paolo Pasolini’s Uccellacci e uccellini/The Hawks and The Sparrows (1966)

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Totally old news, but I recently stumbled upon this and thought it was way cool. What do you do when you’re a live-action director and you agree to direct an animation? Play to your strengths. From what I’ve heard so far, the audio in this movie is awesome. I love the idea of recording sound on a soundstage with full cast and blocking - it not only allows the voice actors (who, let’s be honest, are always typecasted top-bill screen actors these days) to move around and really physically commit to their characters, it allows for proximity and spatial relationships between the actors themselves. 

Behind-the-scenes clip of Rango (2011), dir. by Gore Verbinski 

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Angelo Badalamenti on creating the iconic “Love Theme” for Twin Peaks (one of my favorite theme songs ever).

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Posting this again because this theme is so, so good, especially for small dogs on a walk.

Main theme for Red Sonja (1985), dir. by Richard Fleischer
Composed by Ennio Morricone 

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Another clip from Bronson, featuring an instrumental mix of New Order’s “Your Silent Face”. Again, this film is so good.

bronson / new order / soundtrack / film / so good /

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François de Roubaix - Les Dunes D’Ostende

from the OST of Les Levres Rouges/Daughters of Darkness (1971), dir. by Harry Kümel

1970s / belgium / france / soundtrack / thank you vanny / film /

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Liquid Sky - Rhythm Box
From the film of the same name, dir. by Slava Tsukerman, 1982

Remixed for International Deejay Gigolos, Volume 7

soundtrack / 1980s /

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Goblin - Suspiria

The title song in the score for Suspiria (1977), dir. by Dario Argento

composer / 1970s / giallo / italy / horror / score / soundtrack / goblin / dario argento / so good /

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Bobby Beausoleil - Lucifer Rising parts I & II

Score for Lucifer Rising (1972), dir. by Kenneth Anger

movie score / soundtrack / bobby beausoleil / composer / 1970s / kenneth anger /

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