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L’Etoile de mer (1928), dir. by Man Ray
Starring Kiki de Montparnasse

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In its entirety:

Mystery Science Theater 3000 S05E15 - The Wild World Of Batwoman
Opening with a Young American Films short on Cheating and featuring The Wild World Of Batwoman (1966) - dir. by Jeremy Warren

Of course, the feature is about as wild as a coma and has nothing to do with DC Comics.

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In its entirety, the short documentary Litany Of Happy People/Zdravi ljudi za razonodu (1971), dir. by Karpo Godina
Soundtrack by Laboratorije Zvuka 

Godina, a Serbian cinematographer and director, is arguably the most well-known of the Yugoslavian Black Wave filmmakers as one of the few Black Wavers to screen at Cannes. Litany Of Happy People, a gorgeous political portait of life in the province of Vojvodina (with a killer soundtrack, might I add), won an award at the Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival before it was banned for allegedly containing subversive elements.

1970s / Film / documentary / serbia / short / yugoslavian black wave / yugoslavia /

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peorqueun404:(via nakan)

This is from a ‘63 bicycle safety film called One Got Fat.


peorqueun404:(via nakan)

This is from a ‘63 bicycle safety film called One Got Fat.

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Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe (1980), dir. by Les Blank

A short, humorous documentary in which Werner Herzog eats a boiled shoe due to losing a kinda-sorta bet. In the process, he carries on a dialog about film, art and life.

Double-click the video to watch it on YouTube.

1980s / documentary / short / werner herzog / film / antics /

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SCINTILLATION (2009), dir. by Xavier Chassaing

Blown away.

experimental / gorgeous / projection mapping / short / stop-motion / film /

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Maya Deren - Witch’s Cradle (1944)

So many things I love, all in one film!

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Soooo good, so well-written. Brendan Gleeson is fantastic!

Six Shooter (2004), by Martin McDonagh (the guy that did In Bruges, also starring Gleeson)

Double-click on the video to watch the rest on YouTube!

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