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Support independent music!

Chris Zane, producer of Passion Pit and Les Savvy Fav etc, wants to produce my friends’ next album!! This is huge for them, and exciting for me because seeing my friends get famous is almost like getting famous myself and I hate my own mediocrity a little less (I’m an optimist). So please! If you have a couple bucks to spare and like what you hear, click on over to Stepdad’s Kickstarter page. These guys have been working tirelessly to promote themselves so they can get to New York, so any amount of change equal to or greater than a dollar will help. Y’know, if 4,000 people donate a dollar, etc etc…

They got tons of incentives (Ultramark thanking you from a bubble bath, artistic rendition of you flying on the back of an eagle in the album art) and a mad sparkle in their eyes. Even if you can’t or don’t wanna donate money, a reblog would be totally badd.

If you haven’t yet, watch the video above. Those kids are pretty funny.

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