Jabberwocky (1971), dir. by Jan Svankmajer

I love the tangibility of my discomfort every time I watch something by Svankmajer. Of course, some things I’ll never be able to revisit because the discomfort’s too great (Little Otik, moments in Virile Games), but I definitely get a few of his films; this is one. The soundtrack makes me very happy.

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Clip from The White Dove (1960), dir. by Frantisek Vlácil

Created by the power team of Vlácil and cinematographer Jan Curik, this dreamy film of high-contrast expressionism and sparse dialog is a definite must-see for anyone into Ingmar Bergman’s work (especially collaborations with Sven Nykvist). Vlácil’s work stands as an important precursor to the Czech New Wave, and it’s a shame his work never got the international acclaim that Jiri Menzel’s enjoyed.

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Some more awesome stop-motion for you guys-

Kybernetická babička/The Cybernetic Grandma (1962), dir. by Jiří Trnka
(part one of three)

From idaadi.multiply.com: “[The Cybernetic Grandma is] a vision of the future in which machines and robots try to substitute themselves into the most beautiful human relationships. A cybernetic robot is supposed to substitute for the loving grandmother of a little girl. The wise grandmother, however, comes back and the girl finds the warmth of her grandmother’s loving arms again.”

Double-click on the video to go to the YouTube page and watch the rest of it!

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Currently watching:

The German dubbed, English subbed version of Malá morská víla/The Little Mermaid (1976), dir. by Karel Kachyna

Seriously some of the most beautiful fantasy art direction I’ve ever seen in a film - it’s like a play, really. The costumes are so beautiful! And I love the use of slow motion and really floaty cloth to give the impression of being underwater.

EDIT: The subtitles disappear halfway through the 2nd chapter. Don’t even matter, though.

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Daisies/Sedmikrásky (1966), directed by Vera Chytilová

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this yet; one of the most influential films of the Czech New Wave. It’s beautiful, playful, and very DADA.

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Little Otik/Otesánek (2000), directed by Jan Svankmajer

There is nothing even remotely cute or endearing about this movie. It’s just plain fucking terrifying. Gave me nightmares for days, not even kidding.
So you should watch it. Suffer.

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