Presenting: POX Episode 1: Cyberspies (2003), dir. by Lisa Hammer

This isn’t exactly a film, but an introduction to the work of underground multi-disciplinary, multi-media visionary Lisa Hammer. A prolific staple of NYC avant-garde, Lisa’s work spans from rock operas to silent films to musical acts encapsulating all levels of morbid. Her most well-known collaborators include the wild and witchy Dame Darcy and a man many of you know as the creator of the show The Venture Brothers: Doc Hammer.
Actually, if you’re familiar with The Venture Brothers, then you already know of Lisa; she contributes to the show frequently as the voice of Triana Orpheus.

I absolutely love Lisa’s work, and POX stands out as one of my favorites in her portfolio. Variety shows have always been a point of interest for me, so naturally POX just furthers my desire to produce one of my own. It also displays a high level of collaboration with Doc Hammer, who was not only in three bands with Lisa (in which he contributed vocals and played a wide variety of instruments), but also acted in many of her works and provided animation via AstroBase Go!. Pretty cool to be able to see what artists were doing and what they looked like prior to whatever they’re on today.

Basically, POX is damn clever in its production and absolutely hilarious in execution - POX himself (played by an enigmatic creature called “Alizarinkryz”) is so spot-on, I doubt he’s even acting. He simply is, he simply be, he is divine.

If you’re into all things ~*~*darque*~*~ and ~*~*spooky cute*~*~, you’d definitely love everything this woman creates, especially in conjunction with Dame Darcy, though I feel to categorize Lisa Hammer’s work as such is to belittle it. This ain’t entry-level alt, this ain’t Hot Topic brand. Her usage of period settings and the macabre only heightens the eroticism and taboo nature of her subjects; chaste, but sensual nonetheless, with the slightest touch of mirth. Also, it takes a high reference level and a bit of practice to produce a convincing silent-era silent film, and Lisa’s managed at least a dozen.

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