Clip from the second documentary I watched last night:

This Filthy World (2006), dir. by Jeff Garlin

I’m not a fan of everything John Waters has made - I don’t think I’ll watch A Dirty Shame or even Pink Flamingos all the way through again - but I revere his vision and hold his artistic integrity and sense of humor in the absolute highest regard. This lecture doc shows Waters at his sharpest, real-talking and often pushing the boundaries with his captive audience: just the way he likes ‘em.

This one’s also under Netflix’s “Critically-Acclaimed Documentaries”.

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  1. saracrow said: I loved this! I had never seen a John Waters movie before I watched this doc. Unfortunately I started with Pink Flamingos :( I can honestly say I haven’t eaten an egg since then. But he’s hilarious, luv Hairspray and Female Trouble!
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