Oscar Opinions!

I haven’t watched any kind of awards show in years, but tonight’s travesty has me back on the bandwagon. What a coup! What a feat of complacency! This milquetoast is delicious!

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Casting Call - Chicago

My good friend Matt, who you might know as deadandimmortal, is currently working on a webseries called “Coffee Talk,” about two gay college friends discussing intimate guy things. They just put up a casting call for their next episode, and I highly recommend any of my male Chicago-based followers - especially if they are gay - to audition!

They are looking for actors to play:
[BLAKE]: Male, gay, college student, mid 20s, a fun-loving club boy and gym rat
[RILEY]: Male, gay, college student, mid 20s, sensitive, intellectual, likes to read and study

Click here to learn more, and please reblog!

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Sorry I’ve been so quiet~

The movie club is still on! I promise! I’ve just been dealing with some pretty tough stuff (feel free to check out my personal blog for more info), so I haven’t felt ambitious enough to organize projects for myself lately. I’ll be back in touch by the end of the month.

Until then, Club Celluloud Movie Watchers film club is still open for enrollment! Send me a message if you’re interested in bi-monthly movie watching and discussion.

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Club Celluloid Movie Watchers

Here is the current roster, based on those who have messaged me expressing an interest in being a part of a movie club and discussion group. If I’ve missed you and you want in (or if you’ve already messaged me and I forgot to include you), hit me up! Tell me how you really feel.

I will draft up a quick manifest for the rules and functionality of Club Celluloid tonight, and starting tomorrow we can vote on our first movie. Get your suggestions ready~
(Also, “Club Celluloid Movie Watchers” was literally the first name I could think of - does it work? Do you like it? Is it just a little too much?)

Hokay, our current members, excluding myself, are:

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Calling All Film-Lovers

I’m starting a movie club (for real this time). Here’s the general idea that will be expanded upon once things get goin’:

  • Twice a month, the group will decide on a movie to watch. It can be any film in existence, as long as everyone is able to access and watch it somehow, and it must gain a majority vote.
  • Group members may suggest up to two films at a time, per round.
  • Any group members who want to write about the film should make sure they post their writing on Tumblr so we all can read, respond, and/or reblog it.
  • Group members must follow eachother’s blogs.
  • No photo/.gif/video spamming - you don’t have to write about the movie, but the purpose of this group is to encourage discussion and analysis.
  • Heated debate is fine, but don’t be an asshole. I don’t have enough hate in me for that shit.

Message me if you’re interested in participating, and feel free to reblog this. I’m thinking of starting at the top of February.

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“While Her extrapolates current trends into a totally plausible yet magical-seeming near-future, Don Jon approaches technological fixation from a more mundane angle. [Joseph] Gordon-Levitt is attempting to say a lot of things with his film, most of them at an extremely high volume that’s even more apparent next to Her’s quiet assuranceBut one of the smartest points he makes is about the comfort of routine, and how much of his protagonist’s addiction to Internet pornography boils down to habit. Masturbating to online videos is something Jon can, and does, do with no more effort than it takes to pull up a game of Candy Crush or idly scroll through Twitter during commercials. Similarly, all Theodore has to do is tap an earbud, and there Samantha is, ready and willing to satisfy his emotional, intellectual, and organizational needs. Such ease of access is the gateway to addictive habits: When we can have something anytime we want—physical, emotional, or intellectual gratification, or simply having our email read to us—it stops being a specific desire, and becomes part of the fabric of everyday life.”

Our series of 2013 double-features continues with the pairing of Her and Don Jon, which both use Scarlett Johansson as the ultimate object of desire to explore how technology is affecting our human relationships. [Read more…]

I haven’t seen Don Jon, but speaking from my experience with Her, I definitely agree that the film is essentially about a sad mustache and the Perfect Disembodied Female Voice that enters his life and supposedly changes him for the better.

Problem is, I didn’t see Theodore change at all (he didn’t even say anything about changing, and that movie is ALL DIALOG), and I’m personally so sick and gahddamn tired of movies about heterosexual manbabies and the female figures that exist to change them for the better. Because NONE of these male characters deserve it - so I’m left wondering what I’m supposed to feel for who, and why - and those female figures are always Manic Pixie Dream Girlfriends, who do not actually exist in reality and only further serve as wank material for the narcissists in the audience who actually identify with characters like Theodore Twombly.

And I have nothing against men! I love men, and males, and people who identify and men and male! But the Hetero Male Struggle does not exist, and it’s about time we all - including the fellas! - started demanding actually complex male characters whose problems and recovery aren’t hinged on the attention they get from female characters. Like, I recently saw The Way Way Back and while I was generally underwhelmed by it, I LOVED how the main character found himself by accepting friendship from an older guy. Plus, the characters who chose romance over being real ended up totally failing! That’s my kind of male-centric story.

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I bet you’re not, haha - and I definitely don’t judge, either way :)

I bet you’re not, haha - and I definitely don’t judge, either way :)

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Filmmaker Frances Bodomo won FOUR GRANTS, count em up FOUR at Sundance yesterday, totaling what looks like $25,000  to pull together a full length production of her short film Afronauts which premiered in  in the short film competition.  The sponsoring companies and organizations  were Kodak, Technicolor, the 2014 Women in Film/Calm Down Productions and Entertainment Partners.  Afronauts is a 13 minute black and white film that:

Afronauts tells the alternative history of the 1960s Space Race. It’s the night of July 16th, 1969 and, as America prepares to send Apollo 11 to the moon, a group of exiles in the Zambian desert are rushing to launch their rocket first. There’s only one problem: their spacegirl, Matha, is five months pregnant. Afronauts follows characters that have not been able to find a home on earth and are therefore attracted to the promise of the space race.

All information is via her twitter account @tobogganeer  (she has a tumblr of the same name) and  Powder Room Films  CONGRATULATIONS.


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